Sunday, November 28, 2010

Richmond Half Marathon 2010

So, it has been a few weeks since the actual event, but with travelling and Thanksgiving and working, I haven't had a time to post about the Half Marathon!  Anyway, it was a great day!  The actual race was November 13, 2010 and the race began at 7:30am.  The Half Marathon Training Team met at 6:30a for pre-race photos and motivation!

 Here is my race day prep list--shoes, check; hat, check; fleece hat and gloves, check; arm warmers, check; water bottle, check; fleece jacket, check
 Sarah, Amity, and I being dropped off by my sweet Hubby at 6:30am!
The Training Team members getting ready to get our race on!!

The morning was slightly chilly (around 35), then the temperature was getting up into the mid-50s  by the time we would be finished--hence all the layers in my race day prep list!  Amity and I ran most of the race together and she did awesome!  We ran a good race--with the first half of our race slower than the second half!  Which meant we did not push ourselves too hard and had a negative spilt!  Woo hoo!  That is always the goal!    Here are some pics along the course:

Here is Sarah burning up the pavement!  Go girl!!
 Here are Amity and I mugging for the camera.

I ran a pretty good race--faster than last year--and felt good at the end!  It was perfect running weather and the crowds who cheer you on along the race course are awesome!

(Plus you get a really cool medal for finishing.)

After the race, Hubby and I had plans to meet for dinner with Gary, Lori, Carter, Virginia, and my mother-in-law, June.  We were going to one of our favorite places--Frank's!  A family-owned place right near our house that has AWESOME pizza (which Frank is often making and putting in the brick oven himself), yummy pastas, and all sorts of other goodness on on their menu.  If you are in Richmond, you should definitely check it out!  Here are some pics from my post-race meal:
 Greg and split pizza--tomatoes and ricotta on my half; feta and ground beef on his.
Virginia enjoying her pasta with butter. 
Mom with her boys--Gary, June and Greg
Virginia took this one of me and Hubby--I thought it turned out quite well!

So I guess you  might ask, what now?  Well, I just signed up for another half marathon in March!  The National Half Marathon in DC.  I figure only one a year is not enough :)  Here's to more training!


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