Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ho ho ho

Hi Everyone!

I have been super busy trying to re-adjust to life after Thanksgiving in San Francisco--going back to work (with all the paperwork, client contacts, therapy sessions that entails), grocery shopping, running errands, exercising, trying to finish our bathroom renovation, etc.!  It has been a pain in the ass an adjustment to say the least! 

I am also in the midst of getting ready for Christmas!  This year we have one less weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas (which just seems cruel to me), so I am busy celebrating the holiday season (and nursing a sick husband)!

Anyway, I plan to do a post about our awesome trip to the West Coast--we had a truly wonderful time and really enjoyed spending so much one on one time together and exploring a city that we really love!  So, I hope to get that up for you to peruse this week!

I also have a super fun wreath to show you that I made and how you could make one too!  It looks really cute, if I do say so!

Meanwhile, here are a few pictures from San Fran--

Will be back to post again soon!!!


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