Monday, November 1, 2010

Girl's Weekend (Part 2)!

I am very happy to report that the rest of our Girl's Weekend was WAY less eventful than the first day!  After we were all rested from our adventure on Friday Night (aka. the cameo from Gas Can Annie), we awoke to a beautiful morning in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

I shot these on my way up to the gym Saturday morning:


After we had sweated a little bit and had a little fortification (by the way of scrambled cheese eggs with sauteed mushrooms--thanks Mom), we made our way up to the Spa!
We lounged at the spa for 6 hours!!!  There were massages, pedicures, facials, manicures, and steam baths--along with lounging in the lounge with herbal tea and a good book--heavenly!  It was a pretty perfect day, let me tell you!

After we were all relaxed, rubbed, and cleaned, we made our way back to our room for some pre-dinner wine and cheese!

(Please disregard the random phones, cameras, maps, and remote controls.)

As I have mentioned before, I love wine--and I was in good company this weekend!  I also am a HUGE fan of cheese!  There was also some yummy hummus and roasted eggplant spread that my Mom picked up at Sticks, which is absolutely yumm-o!!  So, we drank some vino, talked about how relaxed we were, ate some appetizers, then got ready for dinner!  (There is a theme here--eat, drink, rest, eat, drink, rest.)

Along the way, we stopped for some gorgeous pic (the setting was nice too--haha)

 (I totally want to submit this one to )

We had a fantastic dinner at The Copper Mine Bistro and the moseyed on over to the bar down the way for some after dinner drinks before we headed back to our room for dessert  and sparkling wine (see, the theme continues).

Yes, we changed into our pj's before partaking in fruit tart and sparkling wine!  After that, we were so exhausted from our day at the spa (it truly is a rough life) and eating and drinking, we called it a night!

The next day, we drove around the mountain checking out the beautiful views and possible condos or houses that might be for sale (Wintergreen is so conveniently located, I really think someone needs to consider purchasing a vacation home, so that we might all be able to use it :) ). 

We had an absolutely wonderful time and have decided that next time will need to have at least one more day, as we did not even break out Taboo, Backgammon, or crafting activities!  Thank you so much to Mom and Gina for taking Lori and I on this amazing trip!  We are so lucky to have such wonderful Mamas!!

Now...a few pictures of the gorgeous surroundings to leave you with. Enjoy!


 **Okay, so it was more than a few, but I couldn't pick--they are all so pretty!

**I forgot to mention that almost the entire time Lori and I were speaking in a very southern drawl twang, which made everyone us laugh quite a bit.  It really is fun to talk all souther-fide (I just made up that word).


  1. It sounds like an awesome trip, Lexie! And I believe I am very familiar with your Souther-fide accent??

  2. OH-uuu, NO-uuu, you told our secret! It's nawt fah-ik, it's re-yall...

    (that's the best I could do trying to spell with a Southern drawl)