Saturday, October 30, 2010

Girl's Weekend! (Part 1)

So, last weekend, I went with my Mom (Patsy), my sister-in-law (Lori), and her step-mom (Gina) to a weekend away at Wintergreen--it was amazing!!!  We had so much fun eating delicious food, drinking delicious wine, getting spa treatments, laughing, and talking!  We are super excited to make this a tradition... and plan to make it at least one more day longer!

**Be prepared...this is a long post**
 Below are pictures of the "girls" on the "kick-off" lunch at Barboursville--the picture on the left is of me and my Mom the one the right is of Lori and Gina.


We started off our trip at Barboursville Winery with the 4-course wine pairing lunch at their amazing restaurant Il Palladio Restaurant, where we had the most amazing meal...

A toast to celebrate the kick off to our Girl's Weekend!

The service was amazing--our gracious servers--they were awesome!

And the food...

 Risotto with Escargot
 Braised Veal over Polenta
 Pan Roasted Monkfish

 Apple Fennel Tartine with Sweet Cream
 Dark Chocolate Cake with Mascarpone Cream and Candied Hazelnuts
All Done...

After we were deliciously gorged on our lunch, we headed over to the Wine Tasting Room...because, you know, we didn't have enough wine with lunch...

 The four of us with one one of our wonderful waiter from lunch, Dave!

 This is a picture of Lori laughing--we all did a lot of this...all weekend!  I love laughing.  It does the heart and soul good.  I really love when I can make other people laugh, luckily these 3 ladies think I am as funny as I think I am--they are pretty funny, too.  Hence all the laughing.

Lexie, Lori, Patsy and Gina say "Cheers!"

 Such a beautiful place--I've had some friend get married here and their pictures are gorgeous--how could they not be?!

 After leaving Barboursville, we were off to Wintergreen! We were doing well, having fun, talking up a storm about anything and everything, when the car started to do some "dancing."  (Please note that dancing is a nice term for all of the jerking that was occurring.)  Yes, we ran out of gas!!!  "How did you run out of gas?" you might ask...well there are several theories on this.  1--my mom was driving my car (I was in the backseat) and she did not notice the light on indicating that gas was low due to not being  used to the car; 2--Lori was talking so much that we were all distracted and the gas light was not noticed; 3--the Garmin was sending us on some backwoods way from Barboursville to Wintergreen and the light was fading, so the gas light was not noticed.  Regardless of how, by the time we were aware, my "Sophie Saab" was telling us to Refill Fuel Now--a rather ominous message to read, don't you think, especially when one has no idea how long the message has been up,and being halfway up the mountain with no gas station easily accessible.  Hence, the running out of gas part.

But don't worry, friends!  We were rescued by the Miller's!!  The Miller's were a nice couple from Richmond (small world) who picked Lori and I up (Patsy and Gina stayed with Sophie Saab) to get some gasoline.  We stopped at the gas station first at the top of the mountain--unfortunately they did not have gas cans!  So, we went to the Fire Station--

where we were able to borrow a gas can (with gas already inside) and the Miller's graciously took us back to our car!  They are looking at a nice fruit basket or flowers or something from us girls.
After we had gas and gas can, my name was changed to Gas Can Annie (Lori's idea), as I was the one to give poor parched Sophie something to quench her thirst.
 Not sure what is going on here--I'm filling up the car and saying something...something pretty important, I am sure, like "Can we play Taboo when we get to the room?".
 Lori was thrilled to get her picture taken with Gas Can Annie. 
(You can see sweet Mr. Miller in the back in the blue jacket talking with Officer Claytor, who also came to our rescue.)

 Lori is giving Sophie her fill at the gas station at the top of the mountain. 
Officer Claytor was sure glad he was able to go home after witnessing our shenanigans--at least he had an interesting story to tell at dinner.

After that, we got checked into our room without anymore issues--phew!

Stay Tuned for Girl's Weekend (Part 2)...

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  1. So much fun! Although, I'm a believer in theory number 1 as to why we ran out of gas. Number 2 is completely implausible. There's no way I would have distracted anyone with my light chatter. :)
    Can't wait for Part 2!