Saturday, October 9, 2010

Running I ran 9 miles, so I thought I would post about my running.  I guess one would call me a runner...I do run regularly, but one would not point at me off the street and say "that girl is a runner."  But, it is my regular exercise regiment and it helps to keep me focused and provides some sort of consistent activity.  Otherwise, let's face it, I would be sleeping more and watching more bad TV (which in and of itself will involve an entire post to itself, at least).
Here is a picture of me and my great pal Lissa, after we did the Rock and Roll Half Marathon Relay last year.  I started running because walking took too long.  That is really the reason.  Plus, it is a good way to tire out the ol doggie.
Not that she really ever needs too much  help with that!

About 3 years ago I decided to to the Monument Avenue 10K--a huge race here in Richmond that Ukrop's (RIP) used to sponsor (now that Ukrop's is no longer in business, us Richmond runners are wondering what will become of the race)--and I joined a Training Team.  I LOVED it--it kept me structured, gave me a plan (which I love), and helped me feel confident on race day.  So...after that was done, I went searching for another training team.  At that time, there was not one for the Richmond Half Marathon, but there was one for the Full see where I am going with this?

So, anyway, my friend Jennifer, who had encouraged my budding running antics somehow convinced me to do the Marathon Training Team.  She was just coming back from having bambino #1 and wanted to get out and get moving.  Well, it was fun!  I met lots of good people, was able to run the miles, and was getting my groove...then Jennifer found out she was having bambino #2!  Well, my original running buddy was out, but I made new running buddies and kept going.  My original plan was to run the Half Marathon distance, but after I went out and conquered 17, 18, 20 miles!!!  I decided, what the heck.  (This picture above is me almost at the end.)

So, now I just run...kind of like Forrest Gump :)  I have recruited friends to run, as I love to run with other people and am always looking for running buddies!  I have also made some new friends on my running adventures--that's is one of them, Beth :)
Currently, I am training for the Half Marathon in Richmond on November 13--hence running 9 miles today.  Today was gorgeous running weather!  Blue sky, cool temps, crisp air!  I had a minor boo boo--took a lovely trip to the ground along one of the Monument Avenue sidewalks--those darn cracks!  Luckily, nothing to serious--some scrapes and some teeth rattling. 

So that is my Running Story in a nutshell!

**Disclaimer:  I really think that the human body is not supposed to run over 3 or 4 miles--anything over that is a little wacky   :)

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  1. Lexie, I think Martin's said that they would continue the sponsorship of the 10K. But my brain could have made that up!