Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Over the weekend, we set out for the Pumpkin Patch--"we" meaning me, Virginia (niece), Carter (nephew), Lori (sister-in-law), Gary (brother-in-law) and several other friends and family members.  Our destination was the Ashland Berry Farm.

Pretty much one of "the" places to go to get your pumpkin.  We started out with lunch in Ashland (The Center of the Universe, in case you didn't know) at Homemades by Suzanne--yumm-o!  Awesome sandwiches, salads, deviled eggs...Delish!  Carter enjoyed the peanut butter and jelly on a homemade whole wheat roll.

After lunch we headed on over to the Pumpkin Patch...well, let me tell you on a gorgeous day, 2 weekends before Halloween, after lunch (and naptime for many youngsters), the Ashland Berry Farm is packed!!!  The line for the hayride into the patch was gi-normous!! 

I immediately went to check out the line for the doughnuts and luckily that wasn't too terrbily long.  So, decided to get some doughnuts while we waited...and while we waiting for the doughnuts--which line wasn't anywhere near as long as the hayride line and still seemed to take forever, we decided to "pick" pumpkins from the already picked "patch," eat doughnuts, and call it a day.

So, that is what we did!  The doughnuts were yumm-o!  Didn't take any pics--hands were full with doughnuts, gourds, etc.  But they were really good--I did share my doughnuts...I promise. 

You might remember my gourds from here, so now you know where they came from!

Even though we didn't make it into the actual pumpkin patch, per se, I did manage to snap some pics of Carter and Virginia, perched on some very large pumpkins! 

Even though it didn't go how we had planned, we still had fun  getting some pumpkins (or gourds, in my case), eating (always a fun actvity), and being together!

I'm off tomorrow on a Girl's Wine Weekend in Wintergreen with my mom, sister-in-law (Lori) and Gina (Lori's step-mom)!!  Can't wait and will have lots of pics and stories to tell, I am sure!!! 

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  1. Hey Lexie,

    Dave from Palladio. Hope everyone had a great weekend with the fantastic weather.

    Here is the link to the blog I was telling you about. Not as PG as yours but extremely funny.