Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apple Picking

I had the honor of being the chaperon for Virginia (my niece)'s Field Trip to Carter's Mountain Apple Orchard last week.  I had never been apple picking before and it was great! 

My sweet niece is the one looking straight at you with the excited and expectant look on her face that reads: "Woo hoo!  Apple picking time!"
Virginia goes to St. Catherine's--an all girl's school in Richmond, VA.  So, I was in charge of three girls from Virginia's class--Virginia, Harper and Paige.  I called them my Apple Blossoms--whenever I called "Apple Blossoms!  I need you near me!"  They would go from this:

to this:
They were quite sweet!  Here are some pics from the trip:

I love this picture--all the girls are following their teacher in a line back out of the apple orchard--like sweet little ducklings!

What sweet girls they all were!  I had so much fun! 

This is the face of a good day (Miss Erin)--tousled hair, bright eyes, and a big peanut butter and jelly smile!

A few pics from the ride home--tired girls:

Girls this age are so sweet--they all love each other, give lot of hugs to each other and to you, they love to pose for pictures, like to sing and talk and be goofy!  Girls are sweet and spice and lots of things nice!

Thanks for letting me join you all on your Apple Picking Adventure!


  1. What cute girls! I am sure Virginia was thrilled to have such a cool aunt along for the trip.

  2. I LOVE these pictures! Virginia was so lucky to have you with her, Most Wonderful Aunt Lexie! (which maybe should be your new name...)