Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

Hi Everyone!

I hope this finds you well and getting ready for Thanksgiving Day!  Hubby and I are in San Francisco celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary and we are loving it!  We have been exploring the city, eating great food, getting around on the public transportation system, and enjoying the people!  I have been taking LOTS of pictures, so be ready for a long post when I return!

Things to be thankful for in 2010: Hubby, Holly, family (especially to Mom and Dad who watched Holly for us while we were away for the first half of the week), friends (another muchos gracias to Emily who is watching Holly for us for the second half of the week), Thomas, my health, my mental health, being creative, being able to travel and explore new places, being employed, having a house, having food to eat, having wine to drink, and the love and support from all those who love me and whom I love!  I am truly thankful and blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!!!

 Hubby and me in New Orleans
Sweet Holly Belle
The Arnett Clan (Mom and Dad up front; Alex, Greg and me)

 The Gerczak Clan (Greg, Lori, Virginia, me, Bob, Gina, Carter and Gary) in Cancun
 My cousin Brooke and me

 My cousin Anna, Nanny-Nett and me in Savannah
My sister, Jackie, and me in Florida
Friends! Sarah, Marty, Jessica, me, Miggie, Lissa and Amity
Lori, Gina, mom and me in Wintergreen
Me and Lissa after the Rock and Roll Half Marathon Relay in VA Beach
Beth and I running the Richmond Marathon in 2008

Sweet Thomas!!!
Yummy food

Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains

If you are not pictured and should be, it is not because I am not thankful for you--it is because I don't have a picture in my reserves and I need to take more!!!


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