Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What to do on a day off...

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day and we are off!  I work for the County of Henrico and us government employees are off in remembrance of all those who have fought for our freedom!  Thank you veterans!!!

I am looking forward to a busy day of fun, visiting with friends, work around the house and a little something special in the evening!

I am meeting Amity for our final run before the Half Marathon this weekend!  Woo hoo!  Very exciting!!  I am going to  have my sweet godson, Thomas in tow, as I am minding (I love that word, it sounds somewhat more sophisticated than baby-sitting) him for a little bit in the morning for his Momma.  Just picture it--me with the Holly-meister, Thomas in his jogging stroller, running through the streets of Richmond.  It ought to be a spectacle an adventure! 

Since this is the fist time I have mentioned my sweet godson, I am going to have to tell you a little but more about him.  His name is Thomas, he is 2, and he is hilariously funny, super sweet, rather active, has a super sweet smile...and I adore him!  Here are some pics so you, my readers, can agree with me about how cute, sweet, and adorable he is meet him!

(I started with some pictures from when he was a wee little angel baby--his Momma might not agree with the whole "angel baby" description...there was a few sleep issues, but I always thought (and think ) of him as an angel)

 There he is!  The big 2 year old!  The last 4 pics are from his 2nd Birthday.

After playing with Thomas, I am tackling priming our bathroom.  We have recently gotten it re-tiled with a nwe shower and when it is all finished, I will show you the big reveal with before and after pictures.  I am so excited with how it is going to turn out!

Then I am meeting my Mom and we are going to the R Home for the Holidays Event at La Diff!  I am so excited! I won the tickets from the lovely ladies at Urban Nest!  You never think you are going to win, but I did!  Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan from Apartment Therapy is going to be there and it is going to be fabulous!  I plan on taking lots of notes (and pictures) to share with you all!

I will leave you with this sweet photo of Thomas...the cute little face and cheeks I get to hug and smooch on tomorrow!



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