Friday, November 19, 2010

I LOVE a Deal

I have been scoring in the deal department lately and I LOVE a good deal!  I love the idea of saving money on stuff--using coupons, discount codes, sale racks, etc!  It is a rush and I feel SO happy afterwards!  It is better than regular retail therapy, because you get MORE for your money!

I thought I would share the goods I stole scored!

Yesterday I went on over to Old Navy already armed with a 30% off coupon--I was in need of some long-sleeved shirts for layering in the cooler months and Old Navy is the best place to find good shirts at a good deal.  Luck would have it that they were also giving you 50% off additional lowest price on clearance items!!!  I got a shirt for $1.32 people!!!!  I also got a sweater jacket that was originally $50-ish for $13!!!  Woo hoo!!!  All in all I got around $80 worth of clothes at Old Navy for $28.  Go me!!!!!

Here are a few examples of the Old Navy goodies I snapped up!! 

Tonight I got a bee in my bonnet as I was packing for a trip and came to the conclusion that I was in desperate need of new boots--I really really was, so that is not an exaggeration (the ones I replaced were so worn that the screw in the heel was exposed and I was clicking and clacking with every step--total ghetto).  So, I zoomed over to DSW to see what I might be able to find, and lo and behold did I find exactly what I needed!  There were so many to choose from, but I was looking for something black, versatile, that would look good covered and uncovered...and were comfortable.  I was successful!!!  Not only are they classic, beautiful, and versatile (wear with jeans, skirt, dress, black pants, etc.)  they were originally $170 and I got them for $99.99!!!!!  Another deal done good!   I love my boots!!!  I am so happy that I found them and got to bring them home!  I think we will be very happy together!

Audrey Brooke-audrey brooke dylan boot  

(I have to admit to you that I did not look for a coupon on-line before I left, which I normally do, and refuse to look now because it might kill me if I could've saved more and didn't--even though these babies would have been worth it).

Anyone else scored any good deals lately?  I'm always on the lookout!!


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