Wednesday, January 19, 2011

West Virginia...Mountain Mama

I spent last weekend in Huntington, West Virginia visiting a dear college friend and her family.  We had a b-l-a-s-t!  I got to see her home, meet her children for the first time (ages 6  months and 3 years), get to know her town, and have some great girl time!  It was great!

Here is a picture of Sarah and I over the summer at our Ten Year Reunion:
 Here is a Group shot of all attendees from the Class of 2000, just for fun :)

Anyway, back to my trip--Huntington, WV, for those of you who don't know, is about a 5 and a half hour drive from Richmond, VA--about 45 minutes past Charleston.  It was a super easy drive--all interstate!  I had my Books on Tape, beautiful scenery, Diet Coke, and interstate driving--it was great!  I snapped some pictures along the way (do not tell my Mom I did this, and I do not recommend doing this, as I imagine it is not terribly safe), but check out what I got to look at along my drive!

I got to Huntington just before dinner time--perfect timing, as Sarah (aka The Hostess with the Mostest) had a wonderful appetizer of Citrus, Rosemary, and Ginger Brie ready to munch on, accompanied by some sparkling wine!
(Don't worry, I have requested the recipe and will be sharing with you once I get it)

I also got to meet her sweet children, Jackson (3) and Ashlyn (6 months)...her most accommodating husband, Brian was also there to welcome me to their home!

 Her kids are so sweet and so cute!  Jackson is a laugh a minute and kept me entertained for much of the time I was there!  Ashlyn was a doll who would smile and cuddle up with you--loved meeting them!

Check out our dinner (I have requested this recipe as well)--Beef Tenderloin stuffed with Feta, Walnuts and Basil--yumm-o!
Brian opened the good stuff for us :)
We had an amazing evening catching up, reminiscing, and visiting with each other!  The next day was rather low-key--with lunch out in Huntington and a trip to the gym and then Black Bean Chili for dinner (with brownie ice cream sundaes and "Couples Retreat" after, snuggled in bed--Brian was on-call at the hospital, so he wasn't snuggling with us, in case you were wondering).

Huntington is a sweet, quaint town with neat neighborhoods tucked away, amazing houses, a cute downtown, and parks (as well as Tudor's Biscuit World, which I was able to snag on my way out of town on Monday).

 The next day we totally vegged for most of the day...and did a craft!  Instead of bringing Sarah and Brian a candle or hand towel or something they probably don't need, I brought stuff to make a Yarn Ball Wreath for their home (I just think they are so darn cute)!  The original idea was that Sarah and I would both make one, but then Ashlyn really wanted to help, so Sarah kept her happy while talking to me while I worked on the wreath.

So, here is a little tutorial--

I had all of this stuff--but only used a fraction of it:

I wrapped the Wire Wreath Form in Yellow Ribbon:
Securing it with hot glue at the end (and occasionally along the way).  This was to prevent the mishap that occurred last time I made a Wreath.  What is not pictured is the wrapping of the yarn around the Styrofoam balls and me hot glueing the bejeezus out of it onto the wreath...use your imagination... is the finished product!  Pretty cute!  Sarah decided to put it in Baby Ashlyn's room, as it it perfect with the color scheme.

Speaking of their home, let me just show you some pictures of Sarah and Brian's gorgeous home, that was built in the early 1900s--it is 90 years old!  It is truly amazing and I know Sarah is eager to get started in decorating it all over and making it their own!!!
 The front of the house--taken from the street.
 The side of the house--the other side used to be open like this, but has since been enclosed to form a sun room-type space.
 This is a separate carriage house--how could would it be turn this into a separate guest house?
 I am loving the yellow wallpaper in this room---it is hard to tell, but there are birds intertwined with the full blooms.  I also adore the built in china cabinets!

 This is the front foyer--I love the wooden door and big brass lock--along with the charming details of the woodwork surrounding the front door.
 Here is the formal living room--a room Sarah is still getting together in her mind--I love the huge space they have to play with here and the fireplace and windows are great!  In the photo below is a painting of the house that the former owner left them--I love the personal touch!
Here are some pictures of Ashlyn's room--
 I LOVE the cornices around the windows!  Such a great idea!
 I think the wreath looks pretty good there--how about you? I suggested possibly getting a round mirror to go inside to give it a little something extra...
 And here is the lovely occupant...
Jackson was way into building with his Tinker Toys...

 Check out the cool train toy box in the background--love it!

Then there was the red "Jackson" chair--perfect for reading a story...or doing some building...

After our relaxing day, it was time to go out to dinner at one of Sarah and Brian's favorite restaurants--Rocco's.  It was delicious!  The food was amazing, the wine was fantastic, and the company was great!  I loved that the local Italian place had red-checked tablecloths!
 Fettuccine with Chicken, Cream, Walnuts and Sun dried tomatoes
 Lobster over Angel Hair Pasta in a Cream Sauce
 It was so yumm-o!!!  I can't wait to go again on my next visit to Huntington!

 Ashlyn loving the necklace I wore.
 Sarah loving on her "Little Lady".

Sarah and I

 What a wonderful trip!  We had a relaxing time filled with chatting, laughing, snuggling (with the kiddos), eating, and being together.  It was great and so good for my soul.

Thank you Price Family!

Has anyone else been to Huntingon?  Or anywhere else in West Virginia?


  1. Lexie, you make me want to go to Huntington! Glad you had such a fun weekend. And what a cute wreath.

  2. So glad you all had such a great time!! I love my mountain state! Stop by The Greenbrier next time and I'll show you around. ;)

    ~ Stacy Eskins

  3. Stacey--I did stop by The Greenbriar on the way home! I told the guys at the Guard Station I just wanted to take some pictures of the outside and they cautiously let me in :) I wasn't planning on stopping, but did so on whim and I was so glad I did--what a beautiful place! We are thinking of making that our next vacation spot! Next time I am there I will definitely let you know!

    Lori--Huntington is a great town (home to Marshall)--and I loved the wreath! Now I need to make one for me...