Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dogs Like Christmas Too

I think some of you may not believe this, but dogs do understand the ideas of gifts and holidays.  They enjoy the excitement, the build up, the traditions, etc.  Let me show you what I mean...

That first gift you get to open--it is so exciting! 
"What is it, what is it? Can I eat it?"
Then there is the gift diving--what is in the bag?!  You MUST put your ENTIRE head inside the bag, or it doesn't count.

 Staring out the Christmas window, looking at the Christmas varmints, and guarding the Christmas tree, adorned with Christmas ribbons...that is what makes a Holiday Guard Dog
 That, and a bow around your tail.
 How many ribbons will fit around a Golden's neck...a favorite holiday game...
Such the holiday gift unwrapper helper--you really need to fully commit in times like these.

 I'm thinking this is frame worthy---such a Holiday Bow Poser.  She is not wanting to share the 2011 Gerczak Christmas Card.
 What did Santa bring for Holly?

Lots of new, soft, clean "babies" to replace the old, gross, dirty ones!

 It really is tough being a dog on Christmas.


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  1. The picture of Holly surrounded by her toys is adorable! I forwarded this post to my sister as she has Chloe, a golden who prefers 3-4 specific toys (they have to keep extras in the closet in case one gets destroyed!)