Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Hello everyone!
Sorry to be MIA, but life has been, well, busy!  Plus the computer has been on and off the fritz here lately!

Anyway, I thought I would blog really quick about a recent spring cleaning incident that occurred at our abode.  Now, I am not really one to get fanatical about cleaning--don't get me wrong, I like a clean house--but I don't get all nuts-o with the gloves, toothbrush, and so on.  However, the laundry room was getting to me and I needed a good spot to store my craft stuff, hence a spring cleaning incident occurred!

First, a few before shots:

 where crafts were stored--see how things are busting out?
 I also was using my Vera Bradley bag, which really comes in handy when one is traveling, so I needed to empty it of crafts items.
 haphazard and hardly used (possibly expired) random cleaning products

 a bunch of random things that could clearly be re-organized and shuffled around for craft stuff!
 again, more random and haphazard cleaning supplies

So...I went through and threw out a bunch of stuff that I never used (or used once about 5 years ago); combined same or similar products; gathered like items in large Ziplock bags (love them for organizational purposed), and below you will see the end product:

new storage area for odd and end kitchen stuff, plastic ware, etc.
 Ahhh! Craft Central up top, Game Haven on the bottom.

 notice the use of Ziplock bags

Doesn't that look nice?!  I love it!

I'm sure you noticed that I do not have any after shots of the cleaning supply closet...that is because even though I went through and organized and re-vamped stuff, it still pretty much looked the same.  It's ok, I can close the door.

Now...with that behind me, I went outside to take in the spring weather and snap a few shots!  I need to take and post some more updated ones, because the daffodils have since gone away and we have new flowers and color to admire! 

Happy Spring!  Does anyone do Spring Cleaning?  If so, what exactly does it involve?  It sounds kind of daunting...



  1. Your space looks much beter now! Organized space feels so good. For me, spring cleaning is picking a room and de-cluttering and then deep cleaning. Not that the whole house gets done...

  2. Are those sticky notes, telling you what are on shelves and in bins? If so good idea!

  3. Lori--thanks for the kind words on my organization! I need to figure out that whole deep cleaning thing...
    Christy--those are sticky notes! I made them myself, so they were cheap, and serve their purpose!