Sunday, April 10, 2011

National Half Marathon Weekend

On March 26, I ran the National Half Marathon on DC--it was really an amazing experience to train for something like this without a training team.  I found that I was very disciplined throughout the training, I was dedicated, and I was ready for the race.  I ran with two friends, Beth and Allison.  The race was not as organized as it probably should've been and there were definitely some hiccups with race transport and mile markers, but all in all I had a great time and a GREAT run.

Beth and I got our picture taken with Abe at the Race Expo.

Here we are pre-race---let me remind you that it was rather chilly that day (the next day it s-n-o-w-e-d).

Here we are afterwards--check out the medals and the smiles!

While we were in DC, it also happened to be the start of the Cherry Blossom Festival!  I had never been, so before riding back to RVA in the car for 2+ hours, we decided to stroll around, stretch our legs, and check it out.



It was cool to walk around and see all of the trees in bloom--I think I may want to check it out again next year.  

After the race and the Cherry Blossom Festival excitement, I went home and chilled out with friends, 8 1/2 for dinner and some Real World, Las Vegas.  It was perfect.  
The next day, I went to my friend Kathy's house to visit with her and her sweet little girl, Ainsley.  We had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed playing with Ainsley and getting to know her personality--she is a riot!

 We ate a little bit of lunch.

 We played with dolls and strollers.

 Took some time to rest and take a drink.

And lots of laughing and smiling.


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