Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend in Williamsburg

Back in the beginning of March, I went on another fun-filled, wine and spa weekend with my sister-in-law, Lori, my Mom, and Lori's step-M, Gina.  This time, we went to Williamsburg--just a hop, skip and a jump away from RVA.  We had a wonderful time!  We went in honor of Lori's birthday, so there was lots of celebrating to be had!
We stayed at the lovely Williamsburg Lodge--the perfect locations--close to Colonial Williamsburg, fantastic restaurants, and the outlets!
 This is what we brought...for two nights.  Hey, a girl has to have options.

Hey--I think the Obamas were planning a trip to Williamsburg this weekend, but it got cancelled due to the government being shut down, or something of that nature...I have faith it will all get straightened out and the Obamas can re-schedule their trip.

Anyway, after a quick lunch we headed to the spa--what a great experience! It is a great spa, with great robes, a relaxing relaxing room, and an awesome whirlpool/jacuzzi.  Highly recommended!

 Then we had a little Birthday celebration in our room before dinner to honor the Birthday Girl--complete with pink champagne!  It was so fun, I almost just wanted to stay in!

 She is so goofy.
 The pre-dinner spread.

 The Birthday Girl sipping her pink champagne--so fancy!

Our first night in Williamsburg we ate at The Fat Canary--can I say gourmet deliciousness?  I forgot to take pictures of all of the yumminess--sorry, but I did get a shot of the tuna appetizer we enjoyed. 

 The wait staff signed a menu for Lori to take home as a souvenir of her birthday trip!

 After dinner, we went back to the hotel to continue with the celebrating--we know how to have a good case you haven't figured that out yet. 

I am not going to post pictures of the continued celebration, as I value my relationships with these women and I don't think they would appreciate it.

The next day we were nursing ourselves from the previous night's festivities ready to roll with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm!  My Mom loves Binns, so we made a stop there to peruse and happened upon an open air market--love!!!  Saw lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, flowers, cheese, as well as an adorable yellow lab puppy!  Who knew Williamsburg had so many folks out and about at the market with their dogs and kids!  It was like being a part of the community...with my camera around my neck...just like a local :)

Though I actually do wear my camera around my neck quite a lot in RVA...and I am a local there...
 Our fearless leaders!!!  Mom and Gina, on a mission to find some good shopping.

Lori and Gina were waiting for lunch...which we had at The Cheese Shop!  Now I have never actually eaten at The Cheese Shop, but I have heard that it is the place to go for sandwiches.  And it did not disappoint in the taste department! 

It was SO good--however the line, crush of people, and large waiting time, did leave something to be desired.  But, it was worth it.
 Then we wondered around some more in Merchant's Square--check out the wares in the Candy Shoppe...

After we were fully revitalized on sandwiches, chips, and sweets, we headed over to the Prime Outlets to see what we couldn't live without.  It was a gorgeous day, so we were seeing what we couldn't live without with about 100,000 other shoppers.  Regardless, we all came away with some great items!  It is always so nice to have new clothes for the spring!

After out shopping expedition, we rested up for another night at a wonderful eatery!  This time we hit The Blue Talon--a take on a French bistro--another absolutely delicious dining experience!

Of course we needed a quick photo shoot before we sat down---don't we all look lovely?

 This time, I remembered to take pictures of the food.

 This mac and cheese is sinful.

 I love it--Historic Tap Water!!!  Hilarious!!

After another wonderful evening of dining, we went back to the hotel to enjoy a cheese and Madeira pairing.  Wine and cheese...two of my most favorite things in the world.

After we were totally gorged sufficiently sated, we said nighty night.

 On our last morning (and before one last tour around the Prime Outlets), we had a mimosa toast to the Birthday Girl and to a fabulous Girls Weekend!

Ahhhh, another wonderful weekend with some of my most favorite and wonderful women!  I am so lucky to be have such wonderful people around me!  Thank you to my Mom and Gina for another wonderful getaway! 

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our weekend as much as I enjoyed retelling and reliving it!  Have you ever been to Williamsburg? Did you happen upon any of the spots we did?


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  1. What a perfect getaway! And you went to some of my favorite places - love the Cheese Shop, Blue Talon AND the Fat Canary!