Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NC Visit

The Thursday before Mother's Day Weekend, I went down to Fayetteville, NC to visit with my grandmother.  We had been trying to plan something for a while and we finally got it to all coordinate!  I had so much fun visiting with "Nanny-Nett," talking about her childhood, antiquing and visiting my cousin in Winston-Salem.

On Friday we left early and stopped at Biscuitville for breakfast--pretty much DELICIOUS!  I wish we had one in RVA...maybe I should look into franchise opportunities...

 After we were properly fortified, we kept on trucking to Winston-Salem.  I got to "house crash" my Anna's house and it was so great to see it!  She is an interior designer (Anna Applegate Interiors) and her house is absolutley wonderful!
 Acutally, here is her blog if you want to check out her design ideas and inspirations.  Here are some shots of the inside of her home.
 I love this dresser--I am pretty sure that she painted it--so chic!

 The built in china cabinet is great! 
 She got this antique fabric for her draperies and pillow at an antique store in Middleburg, VA--I love that her fabric has a story!
 Love the organization to he bookshelves--I think I need to do something like this in my house...

  Baby Rob's nursery--such wonderful ideas to use for the space.

 The master bedroom--love the walls and how they used the paint on the walls and up to the ceiling.

 Love these chairs.  Inspires me to go thrifting to add some new treasures to my home!
 Upstairs/Master Bathroom

 Guest bedroom.

 Here is Edgar, Anna's design partner.

 And her other deisgn partner/inspiration...Rob!
 (Here he is giving me some design tips.) 

After marveling at Anna's talent and Rob's adorableness, we went to lunch at  Village Tavern in Reynolda Village.  Reynolda Village was such a cute little place with lots of shops and cafes and walkways.  The farmer's market was just closing up, but I got a few shots of some gorgeous peonies and radishes (I love taking pictures of fruit and that weird?).

Rob really enjoyed lunch...

We have a lot in common in the way of enjoying food :)

We had a great day with Anna and Rob, but all good things must come to an end, so Nanny-Nett and I had to say good-bye and cruise on back to Fayetteville. 

After I called my Dad about 45 times, we got on the right track and made it back in one piece--with a stop at the The Old Place , a buffet style restaurant that serves up good ol' southern food.  Ummm, yeah, lots of eating was done and calories consumed.  But it was worth it.

Needless to say, we slept well with full bellies.  The next morning, we got up, had some breakfast (I went for a short run to try to feel better about all the calories consumed the day before) and headed over to Cameron, NC for the bi-annual antique sale.  

It was awesome!  People came from all over to set up booths and peddle their items.  I was on the lookout for a mirror for our bathroom, so I was excited to see what I would find.

 It was kind of overwhelming to see everything that was there.  Next time I go I am going to make a list of stuff to look for.
 I love this bed--how cute would it be in a little girl's room.

 I really wanted to take home one of these MGs, but it would fit in the car.

 We had a great weekend (and I found a mirror frame) together!  I brought Nanny-Nett back to RVA with me to spend Mother's Day.  I definitely want to plan more visits and I am thinking that I want her to record or write down her history.  The stories she was telling were amazing!  

I also have requested her to come and teach me how to make some of her top recipes--peach preserves, Young Man's Choice Cake, Chocolate Cake, biscuits, potato salad.  When she does, I will let you in on these secret recipes!



  1. I. Love. Biscuitville. My mouth is watering.

    And I loved your story! Those trips 'home' now that we're grown up are so special!

  2. Thanks for sharing this Lexie! I loove house crashing posts. A wonderful picture of you and your grandmother!