Saturday, February 12, 2011

Doggie Wash

Last weekend Holly was smelling rank not so fresh and was in desperate need of a bath.

Good thing you don't have smell-a-vision on your computer, because you would be smelling rank malodorous dog right about now. The latter picture is in the parking lot of the Doggie Bathhouse, where she has realized what the purpose of the car ride was--hence the "poor me" look on her face.

CritterTown BathHouse is awesome...and also conveniently located beside a great local wine shop, Once Upon a Vine

Sorry to get distracted...back to Crittertown! They provide the shampoo, the conditioner (which with a Golden we often need to use), the bathtub complete with hand sprayer, towels, brushes, scissors, blow dryers, and pretty much anything else you might need to groom your favorite pooch.

It was a beautiful day in the RVA, and the temperatures were above freezing, so CritterTown was a tad crowded and we had to wait a few minutes. Here are some fellow patrons.

I love this place and Holly has been coming to get her bath here for awhile--since she outgrew our bathtub (probably when she was a bit smaller than the Golden puppy above).

Here is the wall o' shampoo to choose from (stock is a little low due to the large amount of patrons that day):

Here are some shots of Holly getting her bath. (Please note the look of excitement and joy in her eyes.)

It is so sad to watch how sad her eyes get the cleaner she gets.

This being said, the bath is not even her least favorite part. She H-A-T-E-S the dryer. She hides her face, paws at her face to, she moves her head all around--it is not pretty and my already overreacting drama queen sensitive pooch kicks it up a notch.

Warning: Extremely Pathetic Pictures to Follow

Have you seen anything so sad?

This little guy is sticking his head around to make sure Holly is going to survive.
After the torture drying session, it was time for some doggie cologne.

I chose "Jungle Mist" and it smelled mucho better than rank dirty dog.
After the dryer was cut off, I had a much perkier canine companion!

She knew treats were involved. It is amazing what a treat can do to an attitude.

Here is my fluffy, lovely, sweet-smelling Holly Belle!

All tuckered out from a trip to CritterTown. It is such an emotional drain on doggie senses.

Any RVA-ers, if you have a dog and need a good place to wash them, CritterTown is the place to go!


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